Legend of the Invisible Red Thread

The Invisible Red Thread

"An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break."  - Ancient Chinese Proverb


In addition to the Ladybug being a symbol of good luck, many adopt the Legend of the Invisible Red Thread, which basically refers to the belief that there is a definite link between you and the child destined to be yours. Like most people who first hear of the Chinese Proverb, I was not 100% convinced of the meaning behind the legend, but as our journey unfolded in this long process to bring Emily home, I have come to believe in the Invisible Red Thread. From different parts of the world we are being brought together. In some ways, it is like we have all known each other from the beginning, but just have not been able to put a face and name with the feeling that we have been out there for each other all along. The feeling is strong and gets stronger as we get closer to meeting Emily in person for the first time.

There was a day around Valentine's Day when Kristen was feeling kind of depressed and expressed to her friends that she just had this very strong feeling about her child and wanted to be with her at that very moment.  We subsequently learned that Emily was born on February 17th--was that the invisible red thread?

For me, the feeling has been getting stronger just as our referral information and picture was being sent back from China at the end of September. The anticipated day to see her picture for the first time was coming closer. After what has seemed like forever in our journey to find each other, the invisible red thread has become very taut as the planning to bring her home to her forever family begins to move forward.

Both Kristen and I can hardly wait for the day to meet our Emily for the first time and become a family of three. We only wonder if Emily has a feeling of some kind as well.